SorbaView SHIELD

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Centurion Medical’s SorbaView SHIELD to be sold in LSL Healthcare Sterile IV Start and Dressing Change Kits

 LSL Healthcare  (Chicago, IL) and Centurion Medical Products (Williamston, MI) signed an agreement whereby LSL will produce sterile kits with SorbaView SHIELD in its IV Start and Dressing Change Kits. The SorbaView SHIELD is a one-step dressing and catheter securement system which eliminates the need for secondary securement devices and additional taping, according to the company. The SorbaView SHIELD dressing stays on longer, allowing for at least a four-day dwell or replacement as clinically indicated for peripherals and up to seven days on the SorbaView SHIELD Central Venous Catheter dressings. LSL Healthcare, Inc. is a minority manufacturer of Medical & Disposable Kits and devices.