LSL Social Responsibility

Here at LSL, we’re dedicated to maintaining a level of social responsibility beyond what’s expected for a company our size. Over the past years, we have made a tremendous effort to donate our time and resources to several charity organizations such as Children’s Aid Society, A Just Harvest, Apna Ghar and various local churches and soup kitchens to name a few. Also, through programs like AmeriCares, we have contributed a large volume of medical devices to benefit the victims of disasters and to aid underdeveloped countries.

Locally, LSL has partnered with the City of Chicago, to train low-income adults and hire them as LSL employees. As a matter of corporate policy, we commit a significant portion of our staffing to individuals with low-income. These workers allow LSL to keep work in the U.S. while employing an often underutilized, but highly motivated segment of the population. At the present time LSL has employees in positions ranging from quality control, to production, to warehouse, and shipping.