LSL Advantage

Proprietary design, exclusive vendor partners, domestic content, unmatched quality control, value pricing, and award winning customer service are just part of what we call the LSL Advantage.

Proprietary Design

Our products are designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s changing healthcare market. We offer a wide range of products with all the options you could need for unmatched versatility. With interchangeable components, flexible manufacturing lines, and highly skilled, cross-trained employees, we are able to meet demands for unusual order quantities or requests for customized products. From our any technology that makes us unique, LSL sets the standard for innovation with proprietary features found only on our products.

Global Manufacturing

We’ve partnered with the world’s leading ISO13485 component manufacturers to ensure that every part meets the highest standards of quality. Many of our manufacturers produce our proprietary components on an exclusive basis. These single-sourced, long-term contracts ensure component consistency lot after lot, year after year. That way, you know your product isn’t just a purchase, but an investment.

Plus, our blend of global sourcing and domestic inspection allows LSL products to be priced considerably lower than domestic brands while maintaining the highest quality.

Domestic Content

The medical device market is rich with manufacturers on both ends of the spectrum. Some boast cheap imports that are often of questionable quality. Others sell high-quality products at higher prices.

We offer the best of both worlds. We strive to bring you the highest quality instruments by combining fine craftsmanship from the world’s leading subcontractors, with meticulous quality control and final assembly conducted in our Niles, IL. facility. Our pioneering global-sourcing model keeps pricing competitive without compromising performance. We take quality one step further through our use of a wide array of specialized and proprietary test equipment to ensure that all of the parts used in our products meet or beat the toughest national and international standards on the market today.

The result is a product that meets the most important standard: Yours.

Find out more about our manufacturing processes.


Superior Quality Control

LSL complies with all FDA cGMPs and ISO 13485 regulations. We go even farther with stricter in-house quality control than those mandated. With inspection facilities overseas, LSL inspects BOTH at the source AND in our Niles, IL. facility. Our proprietary test equipment subjects our products to rigorous tests, including the durability and accuracy of all major components.

Value Pricing

We’ve designed our products to provide an unmatched value proposition.  With pricing as much as 40% lower than some of the more “famous” brands but only slightly higher than imports of questionable quality, LSL delivers a purchase experience second to none.

Our Promise to You 

Here at LSL, we promise to work for you, every day.

  • We promise to design and sell the best products at truly competitive prices, every day.
  • We promise to value every consumer, whether you’re a physician, a healthcare institution, an EMT, a nurse, or a medical student, every day.
  • We promise to provide an unrivaled relationship with our vendor partners, sales representatives, dealers, and their associates, every day.
  • We promise to continue to uphold our high standards of quality and service throughout the life of your purchase.

That’s the LSL Advantage.