LSL 7483SF Safety Bone Marrow Biopsy With J Type Needle

Reorder # 7483SF

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Safetybone Marrow Biopsy With J Type Needle,
11G X 4 In., Safety Kit

#11 Safety Scalpel1
Adhesive bandage 1 x 1 ½ in.1
ChloraPrep® applicator, Orange, 3.0 mL1
Drape, fenestrated with tape1
Foam needle block1
Gauze, 8-ply, 4 x 4 in10
Lidocaine 1% ampoule, 5 mL2
Medication label sheet1
Syringe, luer-lock, 10 mL1
Syringe, luer-lock, 20 mL1
Towel, 17 x 19 in.1
Utility marker1
Wrap, 30 x 30 in.1



Bone marrow biopsy extraction cannula 1
Bone marrow biopsy probe 1
Bone marrow biopsy probe guide 1
Bone marrow biopsy, J-type Needle, 11g x 4 in. 1
Needle, 22g x 1 ½ in. 1
Needle, 25g x 5/8 in. 1

Unit of Use


Case 10


Case Size 19.5"L X 16"W X 13.5"H