2015 Business Leaders of Color Award

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A_Luthra_01_WEBAsh Luthra, President and CEO of LSL Healthcare was one of the recipients of the 2015 Business Leaders of Color award from Chicago United. He was honored during Chicago United’s 47th Anniversary Gala and Bridge Awards presentation on Thursday, Nov. 12, at the Hilton Chicago.

The 2015 Business Leaders of Color were selected from a nomination pool of more than 125 qualified candidates representing a wide variety of product and service industries. Chicago United conducted a survey of CEOs from local corporations to establish the standards used to select its top 50 featured leaders. When asked to list the qualities and characteristics used to recognize “rising stars” within their corporation or candidates to fill board of director positions, the CEO responses were consistent:

A proven track record of balanced decision-making and appreciation for multiple perspectives

A range of experiences that reflect flexibility and the ability to transcend narrow experiences and issues

An ability to respect diverse points of view and varied ways to approach issues and topics

About Chicago United

Chicago United is an advocacy organization that promotes multiracial leadership in business to advance parity in economic opportunity.  Chicago United supports the business community’s need to maximize the use of corporate and entrepreneurial talent and brings together diverse senior business leaders to break through barriers to realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion.  Chicago United is the premiere business membership organization creating an environment where racially diverse CEOs and executive level managers can share common experiences to promote multi-racial leadership in governance, management, and business partnerships. It delivers best practices for diversity practitioners and fosters relationships among leaders who share common values. For more information please visit www.chicago-united.org.


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