Product Catalogue
  • Prod11
  • Bed Pan, Fracture/Female Urinal, Single Use Acqua
  • Prod12
  • Standard Shave Prep Tray, Clean
  • Bag Emema Set with Sterile Lubricating Jelly, Shut-off Clamp, Castile soap and Under buttocks Drape
  • Enteral Irrigation Kit, with Piston Syringe, packed clean
  • Non Sterile Ear Ulcer Syringes, 3 oz
  • Patient Slippers
  • Central Line Dressing Kits
  • Medium Single-Tread Slipper, Green
  • Double-Tread At-Risk Universal Slipper, Yellow
  • Suture Removal Kits
  • Sterile bowl, Individually Packed 32 oz.
  • Sterile Premium Foley Catheterization Tray without Catheter, for 10cc Balloon Catheters
  • IV Start Kit w/ Statlock
  • IV Start Kit w/ Bioclusive & Chlorascrub
  • Sterile Specimen Cups, Screw Top, Sealed Tab
  • Sterile Standard Piston Irrigation Tray
  • Tracheostomy Care Tray Lidded
  • Standard Wet Skin Prep Pack
  • Catheter Care Tray
  • Fistula ON Kit
  • Fistula OFF Kit
  • Skin Marker
  LSL Industries, Inc

Since 1985, LSL Industries, Inc. has stood for quality, service and dependability. We offer a wide variety of disposable medical devices, component parts, various hospital supplies, disposable kits and surgical procedure kits. Customers who are attracted to our sterling reputation are further impressed by the qualities that underscore our name, including consistent quality, ongoing efforts to contain cost and our quality management system. Some of our major customers, who we private label for as well, include the nation's leading healthcare companies and Group Purchasing Organizations.

Why Choose Us

Excellent track record with our customers, i.e. some of the nation's leading healthcare companies including major Group Purchasing Organizations

Experience, technical capability

Comprehensive quality management system aligned with 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485 (2003), including preproduction engineering studies and process / equipment validation

Thorough understanding of the regulatory and QSR requirements

Corrective Action / Preventive Action (CAPA) program that drives continuous improvement

Provide defect-free parts

Flexibility and dedication to customer's needs

Our On-Going Efforts
Our On-Going Efforts
Our Commitment to Customer
Provide quality, service & cost savings
Remain highly flexible to better serve your needs - Custom kits at “non custom” prices
Work to standardize products within systems
Guaranteed Savings
Unconditional Product Satisfaction
Products Proudly Made in USA FDA Registered
LSL / Advocate / Johnson & Johnson
Building health care relationships with diverse bu
Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council
LSL membership certification is displayed in the p
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This is a partial listing of our products. For a complete list or custom products,please call your local LSL Sales Rep at (888) CALL-LSL, or email us at
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